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Boulder Opal Gratuity Stone

Boulder Opal Gratuity Stone

  • $17.00

Boulder Opal (Australia) Gratuity Stone weighs 13.67cts and measures 29.77mm x 14.78mm x 5mm.

Carry your Gratuity Stones in your pocket.  Keep them at your desk at work or a place of pride in your home.  Gratuity Stones are a great reminder to take a moment to be grateful for all you have.

Boulder Opal has a pure energy, clears and strengthens the aura.  It provides clarity and purity of thought, un-cluttering a muddled and confused mind.  It calms and centers, and when used in meditation, can facilitate counsel with guides.  It can help to reveal the inner truth of one's aspirations, ambitions and desires.  Balance erratic brainwave activity.  Treat circulatory disorders.  Assist kidney and liver function.

If you are local to RomaBoho, and would rather pick up this item than have it shipped to you, please email to make arrangements.

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