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Bi-Color Tanzanite Silver Ring (Size 7)

  • $61.35

Bi-Color Tanzanite Sterling Silver Ring (Size 7):  I've hand-set this gorgeous 1.40ct trilliant cut Tanzanite into a sturdy 925 Sterling Silver setting.  Tanzanite is a single-source gemstone as it has only been found in one location on Earth ... Tanzania!  The cut of this stone is mesmerizing and measures 7.25 x 7.25 x 7.25mm.  Tanzanite is a December birthstone!

A certificate of authenticity comes with this purchase as your guarantee that this Bi-Color Tanzanite, discovered and mined in Tanzania, is a genuine gemstone.  It was created by nature, treated with heat only, and then cut and polished by hand by experienced lapidarists.

If you are local to RomaBoho, and would rather pick up this item than have it shipped to you, please email to make arrangements.

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