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Shiva Eye Gratuity Stone

  • $11.29

Shiva Eye (India) Gratuity Stone.  Each order contains one of the Shiva Eye Stones shown.

Carry your Gratuity Stones in your pocket.  Keep them at your desk at work or a place of pride in your home.  Gratuity Stones are a great reminder to take a moment to be grateful for all you have.

The Shiva Eye Stone is actually the shed protective door of the Turban Snail's shell, thus making this stone organic in nature.  The Shiva Eye stone is considered a Third Eye Chakra.  It is believed to raise the extrasensory perception, psychic abilities, mental imagery, intuition and concentration.  Aids in understanding dreams and considered a powerful wand to act against nightmares and bad dreams.

If you are local to RomaBoho, and would rather pick up this item than have it shipped to you, please email to make arrangements.

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