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Posted by Sally Opfer on

Greetings and Salutations, friends!  

On Friday, May 13th (I know, right?), 2016, I decided to take the leap and open an online store for jewelry and other miscellaneous items.  What a trip it has been thus far!  Trade name registration, sales tax permit, lining up pages on Facebook and Pinterest, business design--just so many decisions to make.  All I can say is, "my poor, poor, tiny brainspace."  

Throughout this ongoing process, Shopify has made things easier than I imagined it would be without them.  Regularly, they are asking me "Did you do this?  Did you do that?"  Shopify is as user-friendly as can be, when you consider the vast amount of decisions that need to be made when starting a business.  

The picture?  Me, early 70s, Easter morning.  Years later, I can still be found, sitting on a couch, in salt and pepper pigtails, drooling over a basket of wire and stones.  Embracing your inner child is a blessing.  <3

Check back often for my victory laps or walks of shame!  Sending you all peace, love, light, balance, harmony and health.


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